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Anvitha is a travel, food and lifestyle blogger who is enthusiastic of different cultures and places. She started blogging at the beginning of 2016. Her blog, Loading Miles, talks about her experiences, destinations, food tasted, fashion and provides honest reviews. Anvitha travels all around India and internationally with her husband, Divin, who is also the photographer for her blog and articles.

We often get asked “WHERE WE MET”?

I don’t know when and where was the first time we met. Probably I was a baby then and I hope Divin remembers. Our parents have been friends for 40 years now. So we always knew each other and visited houses. Divin was shy by nature and thought I was too small to play with. As we grew up our conversation was limited and we had switched our nature. I was too shy while he was an extrovert. He was a party animal and living life to the fullest.

An invite from him to a New Year party few years back was where it all started. We grew a passion to travel. After a roller coaster ride we got married in May 2017. Since then we have been friends, we have been a couple, we have been each other’s worst enemy, we have had happy days and equally bad days. But in between all this we are Loading Miles.




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