What to pack for your Leh-Ladakh Trip


Ladakh Roadtrip

Trip to Leh – Ladakh isn’t about any specific place, it’s the whole journey that’s adventurous and leaves you spellbound. Every penny spent on this trip will be worth it. Here is my guide to Leh Ladakh Packing.

General packing


Tourist prefer travelling from (May – Sep) when the roads and highways are open after the snow is cleared. I traveled in early July. Though it was quite sunny during the days, the nights were biting cold and wind blew fiercely, not something that I had experienced in South India. Carry clothes that can be worn in layers as the temperature fluctuates and you can dress accordingly. There was a day when I wore a sleeveless shirt till noon, a pull over for the evening and 3 layers of clothing at night. It is going to be very cold if you are spending the nights away from Leh town. All the places you stay will provide thick, warm blankets.

 July – August : Won’t require layering of clothes. Pleasant during day, cold during night.

April – June & September – October : Requires layering, carry more woolen clothes and jackets.

  What I think is essential to carry:

  • Thermals – 2 sets ( 1 if travelling in July-August )
  • Scarf/muffler – At least 2 to protect your neck and add charm to your clothes even when you repeat it.
  • Woolen pullover / sweater / cardigan – 2
  • Leather jacket /Thick woolen jacket – 1
  • Hand Glove – 1 pair
  • Hat and Woolen Cap – 1 each (one to avoid direct sunlight during day and the other to avoid cold wind)
  • Socks – 4 to 5 pairs(Thermal Socks Preferred)
  • Shoes


For most of us its once in a life time trip that we would have been dreaming for long. While we travel, its important to be in good health to enjoy the place.

Ladakh packing

List of medicines that I recommend you carry:

  • Diamox – For Altitude sickness(Avoid taking this unless absolutely necessary)
  • ORS  Packs 4-5
  • Avomine – Relief from Vomiting and Motion Sickness
  • Pain Relief Spray/Cream
  • Eldoper/Entroquinol – For diarrhea
  • Paracetamol/Crocin – For Fever
  • Dettol – Antiseptic solution
  • Betadine – Antiseptic cream
  • D-Cold Total or any tablets for cold
  • Eno Sachets – Quick Gastric Relief
  • Combiflaim – Pain Killers
  • Crepe Bandage, Cotton and Dressing Bandage
  • Band-Aid

 3. MAP

  • Carry a Map and a print out of the Itinerary.

It will help you in case you are taking a detour or change your mind on places you want to visit. Would be easy to communicate with your driver or a local for directions.

Ladakh Packing
Not the actual shot


  • Camera
  • Torch
  • Extra Memory cards & Power Bank
  • Small Backpack if you are planning a day’s trek or trip
  • Sunscreen(SPF 50 +), Shades, Tissue rolls, Hand Sanitizer, Plastic Bags / Plastic Zip Lock Bags
  • Dry-fruits / Energy Bars /Chocolates
  • Documents : Originals and Photocopy of valid identifications like Passport, Pan Card, Voters ID, Driving license
  • Swiss knife, Pepper spray,- we carried for our safety as ours was an all-girls trip planned and booked by us
  • Sketch pens, Crayons, Chocolates, Cards, Goodies for kids –  You will come across many local kids smiling, trying to have a conversation, helping you with small little things and to give a small goody in return would be a good thought.
Ladakh packing


I am not the strongest and haven’t been physically active. I started preparing for this long trip, 2 weeks before I had to fly.  I went for long walks and jog every morning. It helped me build more stamina and helped during long walks & treks in the high altitude.

Ladakh Girls Trip


If you are travelling by four wheeler:

  • We stocked cartons of water in our car
  • Driver carried a can of petrol in case of any emergency (As we were travelling for many days and some off beaten track)

Ladakh Packing

If you are riding bike:

  • Be prepared to shell out some more money on Helmets, Bodysuit, Gumboots (Boots because you will have to cross many water stream or roads that are washed away and wouldn’t want to wet your feet)
  • Waterproof bags/Cover – Helps during rain and from dirt
  • Ropes – To hold your bag or luggage together
  • Petrol can/ Petrol can holder –  Roads are unpredictable, You might have to take a detour and ride longer
  • Go pro (optional)

 If you are hiring bikes from Leh for a day trip nearby:

  • Helmets, bodysuit, gumboots (Can be rented )
  • Waterproof bags / Cover (Not required if you know the day’s weather)
  • Ropes (Not required as you would leave your luggage in room)
  • Petrol can/ petrol can holder (Not required if you know the distance you would cover and fill the tank sufficiently)
  • Go pro (optional)

 If your adrenaline rush asking you to be adventurous and you are going with NO Plan & Bookings at all:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Water Bottles

Ladakh Packing

Above things will come to your rescue if you end up in no mans land, get stuck in a road block that may take hours to get cleared or plan to camp.

You think I missed to mention something in the Leh Ladakh Packing list ? Please leave your comment below so I can add it in the post.

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