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Naousa Greece

Fewer have heard of Naousa village which is a picturesque fishing town in Paros, packed tightly with fishing boats overlooked by cafes and restaurants. With whitewashed cubic buildings, maze like cobbled streets, outdoor boutique cafes and tiny shops it has a bit of everything.


Greece is made of numerous islands that we call as Cyclades. Paros is one of those traditional Greek cyclades with very fewer visitors. You can choose between Naousa and Parika to stay in Paros. Naousa village is located on the northern shore of Paros Island around 20 minutes drive from ferry terminal and is more beautiful than the capital Parika.

Paros greece

Walk through the beautiful streets of Naousa complimented by colourful bougainvilleas

Naousa is magical, slow paced and draws less tourists compared to the busy Santorini or Mykonos. I would highly recommend you to add it to your travel bucket list right away.

How much I loved these restaurants overlooking the harbour

Naousa Greece

Choosing a place for lunch was probably the biggest decision we had to take throughout our stay

Every night was a date night in the sea side restaurants and they never failed to serve us complimentary ouzo. How much we Indians love the word complimentary right. By the way Ouzo is an alcoholic aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece that goes really well with sun dried octopus.

You can use local buses and taxis to get around the island. Do you fancy driving like we do? Well you can easily rent a car, motorbike or ATVs with your Indian Driving Licence. You can even hop on to a boat for a short ride to the nearby Antiparos.

Paros Greece

After spending few days in Athens and Santorini we got as lazy as we could in Naousa. After all we were on our honeymoon. We were lucky enough to stay in one of the best hotels with Jacuzzi. Click here to view more pictures of this gorgeous hotel.


Paros must be reached by ferry.

  • Fly to Athens. Take a ferry from Athens to Paros.
  • Another expensive option is to fly into Santorini and then catch a ferry to Paros.
  • If you are already in Mykonos/Santorini book a ferry going from Mykonos to Santorini or vice versa via Paros. Ferries stop at Paros and you will have to quickly off board. Tickets can be bought online or at the ferry terminal.


  • There are many archaeological sites, churches and monasteries, museums, vineyards and art exhibitions worth visiting.
  • Explore the lesser known villages in the island.
  • Paros is famous for outdoor and sea sports, like  wind-surfing, kite-surfing and mountain biking. One of the days we decided to rent an ATV and went around the island looking for beaches.
  1. Kolimbithres Beach: It is  just 4 km away and closest to Naousa.
  2. Santa Maria Beach: Long stretch of beach 5km from Naousa. This beach has clear water with different shades of blue. This definitely is my personal favourite.
  3. Golden Beach: Soft sand and famous for wind surfing.
  4. Pounda Beach: Close to Parikia and famous among youngsters.

It was an unforgettable holiday in Greece with a visit to Paros. A perfect escape from the crowds that flock Mykonos or Santorini.

Paros island

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