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Have you travelled in a caravan?  If you thought caravan culture is only limited to western countries then you are absolutely wrong. For those who are unaware, your caravan dream can now become a reality. Aren’t you excited to know more? 

I remember three years back when I was watching a travel show on Life in a Caravan, I told to myself that one day I will travel in a Caravan and that’s when this wish got added to my travel list. But it soon faded as it was highly impossible for me to buy a van and revamp it completely. Firstly it involved cost and secondly I wasn’t sure if I have to put in so much time & effort to build something that I wasn’t sure of or never experienced before.

Exactly three years later I was invited for an all-girls road trip in a caravan for a unique travel & camping experience with the super fun folks of Trippy Wheels.

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Trippy Wheels a travel start-up based in Bangalore is now giving away fully furnished caravans for rent for your wild adventure. Be it with friends or family a road trip in a caravan is all that you need to get adventurous & have the time of your life.

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Imagine a road trip in a caravan where you are literally going to have your house on wheels. Where you drive as far as you can, play the music loud, park for a nap, make a cup of coffee, pitch a tent and play games. Definitely sounds like a plan right?


For owners Sanjana & Vatshala this wasn’t just a business but a passion to drive a caravan and a wish to bring caravan culture to India. Currently they have 5 ubercool caravans that you can rent for competitive prices.

caravan india

Caravan facilities include:

  • Driver ( Some can be self – driven)
  • Sitting capacity of 5-6 people
  • Sleeping capacity of 3 people
  • Pillows & Bed sheets
  • Fan, lights & charging points
  • Kitchenette: Stove & Utensils
  • Games & Music

Extras: Tents & Local Guides on request and will be charged separately.


To book or for queries visit

Tip: Stay tuned to their social accounts as they have special weekday and early bird offers. What’s more interesting is that they organise all inclusive road trips regularly.

So what are you waiting for? Get set for a road-trip of a lifetime.

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  1. Hey.. we plan to take Caravan trip around Meghalya, there’s only one thing we couldn’t figure out is washrooms, how to manage that?
    Can u please let us know.

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